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Chrome Steel, in Pairs, half Red/Blue painted with keepers. Dimensions are nominal.

Size : 

37x12x5 mm.
50x12x5 mm.
75x12x5 mm.
100x12x5 mm.
150x12x5 mm.

Bell jar In Vaccum
For use on pump plate not less than 15 cm. dia. Electric Bell operating on 4-6 volts AC/DC, suspended on rubber cord in bell jar. Fine coiled wire connections to terminals mounted in rubber bung sealing the jar.

Biots Conductor

To demonstrate that charge resides only on outside surfaces of a conductor. Sphere of 5 cm. diameter on insulated stand, complete with hemispherical cups, having insulated handles.


Braun Electroscope
This rugged, sensitive electroscope can accept various accessories to change its capacitance. A sensitive aluminium vane is balanced in a vertical position on a metal support which is insulated from its base. The vane is easily observed and projected on a chalkboard (Light Source, not included) on which an arbitrary scale has been marked. Height without attachments is about 9". Four attachment, each equipped with a banana plug which fits the vane system top, are included : a 1" conducting sphere; a 3" conducting sphere; a proof plane with detachable insulating handle; and an aluminium cup (Faraday ice pail). Attachments can be charged using either our Electrophorus or our Power Supply (not included). With instructions.

Balances Spring

In graduated tubular aluminium, with zero adjustment, provided with top suspension loop and hook, with dual scale in Metric and Newton range.

  Capacity Sub-division
A 100gm./1N 1 gm.
B 250gm./2.5N 5gm.
C 500gm./5N 10gm.
D 1000gm./10N 20gm.
E 2000gm./20N 40gm.
F 3000gm./30N 50gm.
G 5000gm./50N 100gm.
H 10kg./100N 200gm.

Design and Specifications are Subject to change.
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