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Acrylic Block, Semi Circular

Clear acrylic, all faces fully polished.
Dia. x Thickness
90 x 16 mm.
90 x 25 mm.

Balance Lever

A direct reading, single pan balance with its scale in the form of a quadrant. The arc scale is graduated in dual ranges of 0-250x 1 gm and 0-1000x5gm which can be set using the weight arm provided. Cast aluminium frame with all steel parts chrome plated. Levelling screw for zero adjustment.

Balance Lever, Single range
Balance Lever, Dual range

Balance Spring

Polystyrene bodies with large, easily read flat scales, zero adjustable device having anodized metal scale is provided.

  Capacity Subdivision
A 100 1
B 200 2
C 250 2.5
D 500 5
E 1000 10
F 2000 20

Balance Weights

Polished brass, supplied with wooden block, as illustrated.

B. Capacity 1000 gm.
Comprising 1x500 gm, 1x200 gm, 2x100 gm, 1x50 gm, 1x20 gm, 2x10 gm, 1x5 gm, 2x2 gm, 1x1 gm.

Bar And Gauge

For illustrating expansion by heating and contraction by cooling comprising a mild steel bar 110x10mm (lenght), on rod with wooden handle, overall length approx. 280mm. with metal cast gauge, sliding fit over ends of bar and with hole 10mm bore in one arm.

Design and Specifications are Subject to change.
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