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Model BNR 2800 is advanced DOUBLE BEAM UV-VIS Spectrophotometer with more accuracy and flexible requirements. The two detectors are used to measure sample and reference respectively and simultaneously for optimizing measurement accuracy. It has vide wavelength range safisfying requirement of various filed such as biochemical research and industry, pharmaceuticals analysis and production, education, environment protection, food industry etc.

Technical Specifications
Wavelength Range 190-1100 nm
Mode Basic/Quantitative/Wavelength Scan/DNA Protien Test/Kinetics
Scanning Speed Fast / Medium / Slow
Wavelength Accuracy +0.1 nm
Bandwidth 1 nm
Wavelength Reproducibility 0.1 nm
Photometric Display Range 0-200 % T, -0.3 - 3.0 A, 0-9999 C
Photometric Accuracy + 0.3 % T
Photometric Repeatability + 0.2 % T
Stability 0.001A/h @ 500 nm
Baseline Flatness + 0.001 A
Noise +0.001A
Stray Light < 0.05% T @ 220nm, 360 nm)
Data Output Port USB
Printer Port Parallel Port
Display Graphic LCD (320*240 Dots)
Lamps Deuterium Lamp & Tungsten Halogen Lamp
Detector Silicon Photodiode
Dimensions(L*W*H) 630 x 430 x 206 mm
Net Weight 26 Kg

Glass Cells 4 No.
Quartz Cells 4 Nos.
Fuse 2 Nos.
Instrument Cover 1 No.
Software CD 1 No.
USB Cable 1 No.
Operation Manual 1 No

Basic Mode
To measure the Absorbance and Transmittance
1.   Coefficient Method
2.   Standard Curve
Up to 10 standard samples may be used to establish a curve.
Four methods for fitting a curve through the calibration points:
Linear fit, Linear fit through zero, Square fit and cubic fit.
DNA/Protein Test
Concentration and DNA purity and easily calculated:
Absorbance ratios 260 nm / 280 nm with optional subtracted absorbance at 320 nm. DNA concentration=62.9xA260-36.0 x A2B0 Protein concentration=1552xA260-757xA280.
Wavelength Scan
  • The wavelength scan intervals are 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 5 nm

  • High, Medium and Low scan speeds are available. They vary from 100 to 3600 nm/min.

  • Wavelengths are scanned from high to low so that the instrument waits at high WL and it minimize the degradation of UV sensitive samples.

This mode may be used for time course scanning or reaction rate calculations. Abs vs time graphs is displayed on the screen in real time.

Wait time and measurement time up to 12 hours may be entered with time intervals of 0.5,1,2,5,10,30 seconds and 1 min. Post-run manipulation includes re-scaling, curve tracking and selection of the part of the curve required for the rate calculation. Rate is calculated using a linear regression algorithm before multiplying by the entered factor.


The perfectly designed double beam BNR-2900 UV/VIS SPECTROPHOTOMETER successfully realizes high accuracy and reliability measurement to meet various application requirements. It can be used extensively for qualitative and quantitative analysis in such fields as biochemical research and industry, pharmaceutical analysis and production, education, environmental protection, food industry, clinical examination, sanitation and antiepidemic etc.

Salient Features
  • Wide wavelength range, satisfying requirements of various fields
  • Fully automated design, realizing the simplest measurement & satisfying the requirements of pharmacopoeia.
  • Maximum of 9 wavelenths & 7 samples scan be measured at one time.
  • Automatic change-over between W lamp & D 2 lamp
  • Optimized optics and large scale integrated circuits design, light source and receiver from world famous measurement all add up to high performance and reliability
  • Rich measurement methods:wavelength scan, time scan, multi-wavelenth determination, multi-order derivative determination, double-wavelength method and triple-wavelength method etc., meet different measurement requirement.
  • Automatic 10mm 8-cell holder
  • Data output can be obtained via a printer port and a RS-232 interface
  • Parameters and data can be saved for user's convenience
  • PC controlled measurement can be achieved for more accurate and flexible requirement

Technical Specifications
Wavelength Range 190-1100 nm
Spectral Bandwidth 1 nm
Working Mode T,A,C,E
Optical System Double beam
Scanning Speed Fast / Medium / Slow
Photometric Range -0.3 - 3.5 A, 0 to 220 %T
Wavelength Accuracy +0.3 nm
Wavelength Reproducibility < 0.10 nm
Photometric Accuracy + 0.3% T (0-100% T)
+0.002 A (0-0.1 A)
Photometric Reproducibility < 0.15 % T
Stray Light < 0.1% T (Nal. 220nm, NaNO2 340 nm)
Baseline Flatness + 0.002 A
Stability < 0.001A/h (at 500 nm, after warming up)
Noise +0.001A (at 500 nm, after warming up)
Detector Dual Silicon Photodiode
Display 6 inches high light blue LCD
Power AC:220V + 10%, 50 Hz.
Dimensions 630 x 470 x 210 mm
Weight 26 Kg

Glass Cells 16 No.
Quartz Cells 4 Nos.
Fuse 3 Nos.
Instrument Cover 1 No.
Software CD 1 No.
RS 232 Cable 1 No.
Operation Manual 1 No.


UV-visible spectrophotometer, an analytical instrument commonly used in physico-chemical laboratories to make quantitaive and qualitative analysis of specimen materials in the ultraviolet, visible spectral range finds much scope for its service in such fields as medicine, clinical examination, biochemistry, petro-chemical industry. Bio technology, Environmental protection and quality control. The technique has enjoyed a molecular biology and the need to quantify DNA and proteins. Here, the simplicity of use, the non-destructive nature of the sampling and the cost effectiveness of the measurement has proved very beneficial in the modern laboratory.

Photometric Range % T:0 to 100%, Abs.:0 to 1.999
Conc.:0 to 1999, K-Factor:0 to 1999
Accuracy +0.005 Abs at 1.0 Abs
+0.010 Abs at 1.0 Abs
Stray Light Less thn 0.1% Abs at 320 nm
Readability + 1 Count
Data Readout Single Line LCD display
Key Board 4 Keys, Soft touch membrane type
Painter Interface Printer interface for any printer
Serial Interface RS 232C interface
Light Source a) Tungsten Halogen Lamp
b) Deuterium Lamp (D2)
Detector Wide range Silicon Photodiode
Optics Complete mirror optics with resolution 1200 grooves/mm grating
Sample Holder 4 position adjustable sample holder
Power 230V + 10%, 50 Hz. AC
Dimensions 420 x 350 x 240 mm (lxbxh) Approx.
Weight 10 Kg (Approx.)
Technical Specifications
Wavelength 195 to 1000nm
Spectral Bandwidth 2 nm
Accuracy + 0.5 nm
Repeatability + 0.3 nm
Resolution 0.1 nm

Model Conductivity
BNR16 Table Model
BNR17 Portable Model
Display 3 1/2 Digit LED 3 1/2 Digit LCD
Range 5 Ranges
0 - 1000 Mohs/cm
2 Ranges
2 & 20 Mohs/cm
Temperature Compensation Manual 0-50oC -
Cell Constrant Adjustment Adjustable Pre Adjustable
Conductivity Cell Platinum DIP Platinum DIP
Measuring Frequency 1000 Hz 1000 Hz
Accuracy +1% FSI +1% FSI
Power 230v + 10% 1 x 9V Battery
Dimensions 76 x 275 x 175 mm 85 x 28 x 165 mm
Weight 2 kg. (Approx.) 0.8 kg. (Approx.)
Accessories Conductivity Cell,Operation Manual, Dust Cover
Product Range Photo Colorimeters, Spectrophotometers, Digital pH Meters, Conductivity/TDS Meters, Turbidity Meters, Digital D.O. Meters, Water & Soil Analysis Kits

Range 0 to+ 1999.9mV
Resolution 1 mV
Repeatability + 1 mV
Accuracy + 1 mV +digit
Input Impedancy 10 ohms
Operating Temperature 10 to 50oC
Display 3 1/2 Digit 0.5 seven segment LED display Indication
Power 230V + 10%AC, 50Hz
Dimensions 76 x 275 x 170 mm.
Weight 2 Kg (approx.)
Standard Accessories
Electrode 2 Nos.
Dust Cover 1 No.
Electrode Stand 1 No.
Manual 1 No

Design and Specifications are Subject to change.
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